About this Project


Hello and welcome to this blog on academic topics in anti-reformist, pro-intersectional vegan advocacy and vegan feminist studies.  The primary purpose of this project is to share academic resources that are relevant to social justice, veganism, and Nonhuman Animal rights.  This blog is perhaps most famous for its "watchdog" efforts, frequently publishing critical essays on current events and trends in Nonhuman Animal rights activism.

The Academic Activist Vegan launched on Facebook in November 2011 before expanding into the blog format in 2013.  Originally known as The Academic Abolitionist Vegan, the project's name was changed at the end of 2015 in protest of discriminatory behavior associated with the abolitionist faction and the acknowledgement of "abolitionist" rhetoric as racially appropriative and insensitive. Also in 2015, the corresponding Facebook page was absorbed into the personal author page of Professor Corey Lee Wrenn. As of 2014, the blog only publishes research reviews and polemic essays.  If you are interested in becoming a one-time or regular contributor, please contact coreyleewrenn@gmail.com.

Topics Covered

-Critical deconstructions of oppression and intersectional, feminist explorations into anti-oppression advocacy efforts
-Current research related to effective social movement mobilization and behavior change
-Academic journals friendly to anti-reformist, liberatory vegan research
-Upcoming conferences
-Academic resources (articles, texts, bibliographies, etc.)
-Lectures, syllabi, course materials
-Pertinent videos, blogs, websites, etc.
-News stories

Community Standards


The option to comment has been deactivated from this blog for two reasons.  First, social psychological research has demonstrated that, instead of facilitating learning, comment sections tend to confuse the intended message of the essay.  Second, research has shown that the anonymity and androcentrism of the internet tends to breed vitriolic and discriminatory discourse.  This becomes especially problematic in lieu of the tendency for comments to detract from the writer's arguments.  This blog is an academic one, and thus appreciates debate, critical thinking, and free speech.  However, given that bigoted behavior flourishes in online spaces and given the tendency for the free speech of privileged persons to interfere with the facilitation of safe spaces for vulnerable groups, it is suggested that interested parties look to other spaces to engage their disagreements.  Please also read about this blog's commitment to a community of accountability which is explained below.


As stated in its name, this project is vegan based. While vegetarian, "humane", reformist, and single-issue topics may be addressed by perspective authors, their endorsement or promotion will not be tolerated. Also note that violence is antithetical to the pro-intersectional approach, so promotion of violence of any kind will not be permitted.   


Vegan feminist theory recognizes the intersectionality of speciesism with sexism, racism, xenocentrism, heterosexism, etc. Posts and discussions about other systems of oppression from the vegan perspective are relevant and welcomed.  For those interested in more information on intersectionality, please visit our sister site Vegan Feminist Network.


This project adheres explicitly to reason and rationality.  Unsubstantiated or questionable claims will be subject to healthy criticism.  Relatedly, this project is a strictly secular endeavor.  Anti-atheist discrimination that is promoted in other vegan communities is strictly prohibited on this blog.

Vegan/Reform Debate

The intention of this project is to function as a site for anti-reformist vegans to discuss relevant topics and to share resources.  All others are encouraged to utilize this site, but this blog operates with the understanding that a vegan, pro-intersectional is the most appropriate approach in our goal for realizing Nonhuman Animal liberation. Debate over the utility of anti-reformist vegan feminist theory is not appropriate here and it is best addressed in other forums or groups. In the majority of Nonhuman Animal rights community spaces, anti-reformist vegan feminism undergoes relentless ideologically-bound and largely unhelpful critiquing.  This theory is largely marginalized, not due to its actual shortcomings, but due to its challenge to the Non-Profit Industrial Complex.1 There are countless places to satisfy any urge to deconstruct vegan feminist theory, but this project is not the place for those types of discussions.   The Academic Activist Vegan operates as one of the few online communities for activists to cooperate in comfort and safety. Please see the sections on violence and accountability for further explanation as to why discussion and debate has been disabled. Those seeking to debate anti-reformist vegan feminism are encouraged to visit spaces more open to these types of discussions.2


On "Abolition"

Pre-2016 essays on this website frequently refer to the abolitionist approach, abolition, or other anti-slavery rhetoric which the editor has since rejected as racially appropriative. Apologies to anyone who may be offended by their usage.

Interpersonal Violence

This project promotes nonviolence exclusively (including nonviolent speech both private and public). Although this site may link to certain resources because of the valuable nature of the research and theory contained therein, The Academic Activist Vegan does not endorse or support any abuse, manipulation, defamation, intimidation, or other inappropriate behavior from any persons surrounding these linked resources.

Community of Accountability

This site also seeks to create a community of accountability for perpetrators and victims of interpersonal violence in our social movement. Trolling and sealioning is not random:  It is a force with a political agenda, an agenda that generally entails upholding oppression and misogyny. The goal of this project is to challenge oppression, create a culture of accountability, and promote safe spaces for activists.


Links presented on this page may associate with persons or groups that inappropriately self-identify as vegan, anti-reform, or pro-intersectional. The Academic Activist Vegan does not, however, necessarily endorse or agree with everything stated on these sites or any other links provided. The following positions are explicitly rejected:

  • Any type of violence against persons or property
  • Reform or regulation
  • Any form of racism, sexism, ableism, speciesism, heterosexism, etc.
  • "Happy meat," vegetarianism, veg*nism, Meat-out Mondays, or other forms of reductionism
  • Empty intersectionality rhetoric
  • Man-splaining or white-splaining


1.  The Non-Profit Industrial Complex is a system that forces nonprofits to professionalize, wherein they must focus on maintaining their funding sources rather than fulfilling their mission.  It is a means of social control.
2.  Try VeganUK's Facebook group or ARZone.