Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Vegans on the Bus Go Round and Round! New Campaign Announced

I am pleased to announce that The Abolitionist Vegan Society (TAVS) has launched its crowdfunding campaign to place vegan advertisements on the back of buses in major American cities. This is a cost-efficient means of bringing the vegan message to a large demographic of people, directing them to the TAVS "Why Veganism?" website where introductory anti-speciesism theory and vegan shopping resources are readily available.

This media tactic has already been widely adopted by groups like PETA and Mercy for Animals, but never in a coherent manner that takes the interest of Nonhuman Animals seriously. TAVS seeks to bring a truly vegan, truly anti-oppression message to the American public. I had a chance to speak with Sarah K. Woodock, founder of TAVS and designer of the campaign. She explains, "This campaign gives us the opportunity to reach literally millions of people with veganism. It would take us tens of thousands of hours of leafleting and tabling to reach the same number of people that we will reach over a period of months instead of years."

"Furthermore," she adds, "as abolitionist vegans, we talk about all of the ways not to do advocacy (i.e. engaging in nonabolitionist campaigns, using sexist tactics, using racist tactics, etc.). But here is a campaign that all vegans can confidently support—one that promotes veganism as the moral minimum and that is run by an organization that takes a pro-intersectional approach to vegan advocacy."

TAVS is hoping to meet their target by the end of 2015, can you help make it happen?

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