Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Academic Abolitionist Vegan is no more

Dear readers,
Due to the extreme abuse and harassment of women (particularly women of color) promoted by the abolitionist faction (and the appropriative nature of the abolitionist approach in general), I have decided to change the name of this blog to The Academic Activist Vegan. As I stated in earlier posts, the abolitionist faction has entrenched and systemic issues with racism and sexism, issues that it seems to have no interest in addressing. I feel it is necessary as a personal and a professional matter to distance myself from the abolitionist project.

It is of my opinion that pro-intersectional feminism is the most constructive, respectful, encompassing, just, and effective approach to dismantling oppression. Any approach that fails to take intersecting injustices seriously and insists on promoting wealthy white male elites as the gatekeepers of social change is an approach that simply won't get the job done.

There are likely to be technical problems with the page until I can update links. It is likely that I will be removing this page entirely in the near future and hosting some of the more important essays published here on my personal website.

All the best,
Corey L. Wrenn
Professor of Gender Studies