Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Vegan Abolitionist Discussion in Australia

By Stevie Lynne

Not Safe for Work: Contains some good natured cursing.

Do we need people like Rupert Murdoch on our side? White men say, "Yes!"

Went to a vegan abolitionist discussion group last night. It solidified a few things to me that I already knew:

1. Francione's style of abolitionism is dripping in privilege as evidenced by the total lack of awareness about how a small group of white men insisted on dominating the conversation.

2. Men literally have no clue as to why "welcoming everyone into veganism" is problematic and threatening as f*ck. One dude insisted we needed people like Rupert Murdoch on side. Called him on it and said that welcoming everyone was a direct threat to my safety and the safety of others. His eyes glazed over and uncomfortable silence followed. Yes, a woman just challenged you on your privilege. Get the f*ck over it.

3. Many in our movement are just freaking unaware about the harmful language that they use. 

4. There are other abolitionist thought leaders out there besides some white dude and who actually rock an intersectional praxis. I managed to drop a couple of names at the end of the discussion - like Corey Wrenn and Sarah K Woodcock (much to the organiser's chagrin)

5. Francionists are happy when police can enforce certain laws. You can't be all like "abolish hierarchy and domination over nonhuman animals" in one breath and supporting the police in the next.

6. Francionists are happy to talk about human slavery in the past tense, even though they know human slavery is bigger now than ever. That's just downright deceptive shit that makes white people feel good about slavery being "in the past".

7. Francionists don't like to admit that food privilege is like a thing and should be a part of the conversation about veganism. I brought it up. It got swept away asap.

Screw Francione's abolitionism. Give me intersectional veganism any day.