Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Meat Industry on Welfare Groups: Improve Your Product to Meet Demand!

Kim Stallwood tweeted this story today:  Beware the Influence of Animal Welfare Groups, Says Top Consultant.

Reading the headline, one would think, ooh, some good news!

Not so fast.

Turns out the message they're getting is that suppliers can't just adulterate their product with whatever they want.  The "anything goes" approach is not going to cut it in a welfare savvy world where customers are concerned about "quality," "safety," and "convenience".

"As meat demand grows," they suggest improving the quality of the product.

There is zero mention of liberation or a business in trouble, only concerns about dictating product quality "rather than letting someone else do it."

Welfare reform is just that, reform.  It is not liberation.  The goal is not to end animal use, the goal is to streamline it in a way that is attractive to consumers.  Nonhuman Animals are tortured and killed regardless of how we may try to pretty it up.

The ground flesh of hundreds of murdered persons processed and squished into a plastic container.  It's organic!