Friday, August 9, 2013

Sexual Politics of Milk: Dairy Australia and Muscle Recovery

Check out this foul commercial from Dairy Australia:

For those who can't view it, the commercial depicts a rugby player out on the field working up a sweat.  Afterwards, he hits the bar with his chums.  Suddenly, a gorgeous long-haired beauty heads his way from across the room.  He immediately turns to the bartender and orders a milk.  The advertisement then announces that cow's milk aids in "muscle recovery."  Because, haha, there's a sexy looking woman, he needs to drink his milk so he can bone her . . . because all women are supposed to be sexually available to all men at all times.

So we have an interesting interplay of exploited and tortured female cows producing breast milk so Australian rugby players can grow big and strong and target other females with their raging erection.  Nonhuman Animals and women are both feminized, they are kept for one purpose:  Providing sex, making babies, and providing milk all under the control of men and for male convenience and pleasure.


Oh by the way, cow's milk, like all Nonhuman Animal products, is linked to erectile dysfunction.  So, yeah, even without the rampant sexism and speciesism, this commercial still wouldn't make any sense.