Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Everyday Vegan Sexism: PETA's "Youngest Pinup"

This just in from PETA:  Women and girls of all ages should "go all the way" . . . for the animals.
PETA normally waits until people turn 18 before asking them to star in a "provocative" campaign, but not this time. Sixteen-year-old singer-songwriter Samia Najimy Finnerty stars in our new "Vegans Go All the Way" ad. PETA's youngest pinup is the daughter of actor and longtime PETA supporter Kathy Najimy and Dan Finnerty of The Dan Band.

There you have it folks.  PETA "normally waits" for a woman to be legal before they prostitute them for fundraising.  But, not anymore!

Two clear messages here:
1. Statutory rape is cool.
2. Girls should "go all the way."  After all, their entire purpose for existing is to be a sexual resource to others.

Two more underlying messages:
3. If you're a woman, helping animals means sexually objectifying your body--even if you're still a child.
4. Rape culture reigns.  Pressuring girls and women to "go all the way" is the behavior of manipulative abusers and rapists.
5. The sexualization of childhood (girlhood) has encroached on Nonhuman Animal rights advocacy.